We assist builders and developers in obtaining licenses from HCRA (Home Construction Regulatory Authority) and registering with the Tarion warranty, as well as offering other services for land developers and builders. Please contact us for business at 647-875-6808 or via email at office@bestlandweb.com

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Builder License Application

– Consultation for the builder/developer license application
– Solutions for meeting the seven competencies and demonstrating development/construction experience
– Solutions for license maintenance and annual renewal
– Acquisition of licensed builder firms

Tarion Warranty Registration

We provide consultation and assistance for all steps in the Tarion registration, and we can also manage Tarion on behalf of land developers and builders. Our services include:

– Qualification for enrollment of new homes
– Enrollment confirmation
– Tarion documents and schedules
– Tarion warranty case processing
– Solutions for Tarion security and deposit”

Due Diligence for Land Purchase

We assist land developers with performing due diligence for land purchases. This process may include zoning reviews, development potential analysis, engineering studies, and more. 

Other Services

We provide the following services through our partners. Over the past 10+ years, we have worked with numerous professionals, firms, and networks. Our resources can help land developers and builders grow faster, as we know these professionals well through long-term collaboration.

– Legal and planning services
– Architecture and engineering services
– Financial and loan services