Please find the rates for our services below.

– Free Consultation: 15-minutes or two questions via e-mail
– Consultation for HCRA License and Tarion Warranty: $300/hour or case by case
– Consultation for Construction: $300/hour
– HCRA License Application: $8000/case
– Tarion QFE (Freehold): $5000/case
– Tarion QFE(Condo & Mixed): $6000/case; 
– Tarion Enrolment Confirmation: $4000/case
– Tarion Administration: case by case, based on the project size.
– Solution for HCRA Competencies/Exams, Qualification, and Experience: case by case
– Acquisition for Licensed Builders/Vendors/Developers: case by case
– Due Diligence for Land Purchase: case by case
– Construction Management and Pre-construction Management: case by case

For more details, please contact us at: